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May 25th, 2011, 2:45 pm

Yeah, so, the start is changing.

I ended up rewriting the entire first 7 chapters of this damn thing. It's a lot shorter than what I have now (comic-pages-wise...I could cut out all of Chapter 6,) but it gets to the point a lot faster (and there aren't any parts where Ulquiorra's looking around like he left the oven on or something.) I'm a lot happier with how things go in the new version so expect Ch1-7 to slowly be gotten rid of and replaced as I make these new pages. Ch8+ will remain as they are, since they regard everything that happens after Ulquiorra agrees to go with Orihime. Ch8 may only require a few small dialogue updates to match what I changed.

The redo also better explains why Kenpachi couldn't land a hit on Ulquiorra even with that stupid "LOL IF I USE BOTH HANDS ON MY SWORD I HIT HARDER" move that he killed Nnoitra with. It's not that I'm biased for Ulquiorra and feel that he really could survive an attack like that in his unreleased state...but it doesn't seem like many people remember Aizen's inner monologue about the reasons why Ichigo was able to survive his attacks in that last fight. So...since Ulquiorra's a smart cookie, he understands what's happened and has a small inner monologue of his own where he pieces together exactly what it means to have Orihime's Chain of Fate attached to him.

So...yeah. As I continue to post newer chapters, I'll also be including parts of the new beginning. I really just can't express how much more satisfied I am with the new version...not just because I know they art will be way better, but because the storytelling doesn't drag on for a hundred years to get to the same conclusion.

I mean...really...after Ulquiorra realized what the Heart was, and after Orihime realized she reached back to him because she didn't want him to die (it's a game-changer when you realize someone cares about you), the only real obstacle should've been Ichigo... More accurately, Orihime realizing how much stronger she's become because of Ulquiorra (Ichigo drags her down), and Ulquiorra struggling to believe her. He generally believes that no good can come from the whole thing, especially considering what he'd said to Ichigo before:

"If it's because of the Heart that you humans feel pain, then it will be because of the Heart that you lose your life."

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